Tuesday, 3 January 2012

When the 'other party' must not be heard!

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A vital ingredient of Justice is also its biggest weakness: The insistence that the other party be heard. Afterwards; Justice then tilts to the favour of the party with a stronger voice.
Another weakness here is that it focuses only on one aspect of an otherwise dual nature of humans- the intellect and the untamed instinct. Thus, a refined lie will always emerge victorious over raw truth- shoddily presented.  
Every human craving cannot be rationalized abstractedly in finely woven arguments. Sometimes, we are faced with actual expiry of our very physical selves; and in such scenarios, the untamed animal must sprout its natural defences...urgently!
This latest brazen attempt to force-feed a nation with the toxic policy of Fuel Subsidy removal is not to be rationalized. The Government has lost its right of audience in the intellectual court. The policy is a terse declaration that the ultimate master-plan of the ruling class is to rid the country the embarrassing sights of the ill-fed common man.
As extinction looms large; what does the common man do? Proceed to the courts with a valiant hope of emerging the stronger voice?  Albeit a disembodied voice?
I recently saw the movie, THE CONSPIRATOR, where the trial of the alleged band that conspired to murder Abraham Lincoln was relived.  A line from the movie sticks out in my mind now: Inter arma, silent leges (In times of war; the law grows silent).
The Ruling Class has declared war on the Common man, and is smugly awaiting its turn at the courtroom bolstered by the knowledge that the jury will be inevitably swayed by its seasoned oratory. Unfortunately, this is one case where the other party must not be heard.
Let them shoot down protesters, and prove that it’s a base war after all; devoid of intellectual content.
But then, the problem with the animal instinct is that it has no sense of time, or proportion. Once a little spark is ignited, it might as well burn forever. Let our Rulers pay heed to this before they unfasten the Feud-Chain.
We need not fall prey to violent histories that pre-date us.


  1. "The policy is a terse declaration that the ultimate master-plan of the ruling class is to rid the country the embarrassing sights of the ill-fed common man." This statement is as apt as it is painful. The Nigerian leadership has finally lost the faintest pretence of sympathy for its citizens.

  2. In my various discussions with people over the Fuel Subsidy Removal, I have confirmed one thing as true: The Educated of this country are also the most gullible. In their foolish bid to distinguish themselves as 'classy' and informed beyond the ordinary, they often try to rationalize things away. There can never be two sides to the issue of Suffering Masses. It is wrong, wanton and wicked. simple. And for those who write off our honest criticisms as 'arm-chair'...time will tell whether they will not join the rest to Sofa. (Nonsense!!!)

  3. all i'm convinced is that the inevitable certainty has been postponed long enough